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Customised Bang

langschnittboeller1Time and bang seem to be fundamentally connected. While passing seconds are notorious for their ticking sound, passing universes are known for somewhat bigger bangs. It seems only fair to assign a tradition of cracking to passing years. After all, the inventor of this unit can refer to strong evidence gathered from several thousand study cycles. Units such as the second may appear cuter (or more imaginative) at first sight – but certainly lack significance. Therefore, modern cosmology correctly chose fireworks as the signal for ‘years’ (not: Fireworks).

Future topics to be discussed:

  1. Green fireworks without barium nitrate
  2. iBöller
  3. Sound of a decade
  4. Leap years and light years – is every minute on time?
  5. Wilhelm Busch revisited
  6. A viral campaign claims Adorno to have identified fireworks as the most perfect of art forms for its fugacity. Pyrotechnical lobbyists – or an original aesthetic concept?


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