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Oslo is not exactly bursting with art book stores – in fact, there only really is one. But what a store it is – you wouldn’t exactly expect to find a whole half dozen of extremely rare and out of print titles such as Ryan McGinley’s Sun and Health in Norway, of all places. In short: Torpedo is a gem of a store and seems almost a waste to be tucked away in one of the northernmost corners of Europe. Ironically and beautifully located in a bland corporate office block in Oslo’s financial district – appropriately titled ‘Bar Code‘ – Torpedo share the space with the newly installed Kunsthall Oslo as a provocative little thorn in the foot of corporate culture. Oh, and before we forget, they also publish a series of utterly beautiful art books, mostly designed by our friends at Node. A northern light in the northern skies.

Torpedo Books
Trelastgata 3
0134 Oslo