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Print-Process is a brand new project, sister to Blanka, an already existing online print shop. In their own words ‘Blanka is a collection of original, vintage and limited edition posters and prints.’ So the idea behind Print-Process is now to conjugate Blanka’s main insight with a kind of print-on-demand approach, therefore being able to bring fine prints to people in a more ‘democratic and liberating way’. Basically they try to make it affordable for costumers to purchase nice artists’ prints based on your pocket’s size. The amount of money you’re willing to pay will of course determine the size of the print you will buy… But that not being necessarily bad as you will still be purchasing a fine digital printed work from a wide range of artists, part of an open ended edition. Though they’re running with only a limited number of artists for now, some artists’ prints run for a limited time only. This is one of those projects that seems to conjugate well digital context and tools with a thoughtfulness and sustainable approach to ‘traditional’ print and should therefore be welcomed and supported.