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Mr. Bingo presents us with a very peculiar project, for the ones who are still a bit nostalgic about the long gone practice of writing letters and postcards to be sent by real post mail. If you can relate yourself to this feeling, and you’re part of the group of those that keep postponing writing that postcard to a special friend, or if you’re just upset about the fact that no one writes to you anymore, then this is the right guy to get in contact with.

So, what’s ‘Hate Mail’? For a small fee, the artist offers himself to write and send you a vintage postcard with a funny drawing and an offensive message on the back. The idea is to preserve traditional post mail and make sure people still have some fun by using it. And of course, you also get an original signed drawing.

The project is being so successfull that he had to update his site to inform people the project would be closed for a week so he could keep the pace with it.