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There are a few photographers who update their sites on a daily basis, keeping a sort of online diary, most famously The Daily Nice by Jason Evans. Nicer still and slightly more ambitious is Berlin-based painter Edward B. Gordon’s daily blog, consisting of a daily painting. As in: oil painting. Call him a Monday-to-Sunday painter.

Some German readers might be familiar with his work ever since the brilliant Berlin issue by our colleagues over at Dummy magazine was illustrated entirely with Gordon’s work, and in fact, viewed together his paintings make for a beautiful kaleidoscope of Berlin life. The rough paint strokes and the obvious speed with which the images were created make them all the more charming and immediate – they are meant as sketches of daily life, and at times as studies for more ambitious projects. It’s art without taking itself all that serious, in a very refreshing manner. They make me smile, and what better could one hope for?