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The other day I was following links from blogs of other blogs of other blogs and I came across the really quite lovely Unless you will

“Ok, so you landed on this page because there was nothing on tv, or because you’re interested in photography, or because I told you to come here, or because you’re at work with nothing to do, or just bored. And maybe you’re thinking there isn’t much happening… Well, if you are after your next internet fix, you might be better off going someplace else to browse through ten pages at the speed of light. Go. … still here? Well, here, today I am asking you to take your time to look though this issue. I would like to simply remind you that you are allowed to slow down. How about you go get yourself a cup of tea or coffee, or maybe a glass of wine… perhaps a biscuit (or two, or three), then comeback and download this months issue of UYW.”