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Interview magazine happens to be my personal guilty pleasure, like others will be secretly or not so secretly reading Hello or Gala. Stars interviewing stars can be dull fare, or lead to some unexpected delights, which is exactly what makes Andy Warhol’s format so very entertaining.

One might have some doubts about the necessity of a German version, but either way, it is definitely coming, slated for as early as January 2012. And while we recently mentioned somewhat mistakenly that our contributor Adriano Sack would be editor in chief, news broke yesterday that in fact, while Adriano is indeed acting as executive editor, the main chair will be occupied by Joerg Koch, the founder of the infallible and wonderful 032c – which he will continue to publish alongside. With Mike Meiré signing the art direction for both formats, it’s an exceptionally brave choice for a commercial title, and we’re certainly excited to see the results.

This might be the first magazine I’ll have to buy in English and German. Congratulations Joerg!

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