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Anyone who has indulged in our still current issue #28 with Bless will have noticed that the interview is radically different to our regular approach, with Bless asking almost as many questions to our interviewer Adriano Sack as they give answers. In fact, the text developed out of an informal e-mail follow-up conversation that took place after the actual interview, and the credit goes to Adriano to let the e-mail exchange expand and replace the original conversation, leading to a personal and much more appropriate insight into the world of Bless in all its curiosity and confusion. And it’s really Adriano’s finely expressed observations that gently guide us through a roller-coaster ride of a conversation.

You will find Adriano’s fine writing on fashion and style all over the place, from large newspaper titles to small print such as mono.kultur, but in the meantime, Adriano Sack has realized his own idea of a magazine named I Like My Style, which might be one of the most daring experiments in the printed format of the past few years. With all the talk about the ever growing importance of blogs that fashion magazines in particular have been trying to incorporate somewhat desperately, it’s actually I Like My Style that goes to whole different lengths by creating the first user-generated print magazine closely linked to a fashion-based social network. There is no other title that blurs the lines between author and audience as radically, using the website to nurture the magazine and vice versa.

A great way with words coupled with an insatiable curiosity usually make for a killer combination, so we were really excited to hear that Adriano Sack has been appointed editor-in-chief for the German release of Andy Warhol’s classic Interview magazine – we can’t wait.

Illustration by Elisabeth Moch

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