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Prejmer, Romania

We’ve discussed photographers and artists who use Google Street View before, but a novel project that pushes past those previous appropriations, Aaron Hobson’s cinemascapes is worth a look. Hobson isn’t interested in Street View’s potential for reaching documentary truthfulness, or in the bizarre compositions it captures, or in the visual texture of its pixelation; he creates cinematic compositions that hinge on how we perceive our every day life through the lens of film, TV, video games, and other visual pop. Hobson’s Street Views are like film stills grabbed from sun-kissed romances, stormy thrillers, gritty urban dramas, or nutty Irish comedies; they are a new and engaging use of what is fast becoming an important photographic tool.

Inverallochy, Scotland

Route 17, South Africa

Dog’s Island, Ireland

Sao Joao Del Rei, Brazil