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Since they just launched their beautiful new website, what better moment to mention our friends at Node Berlin Oslo, the acclaimed design studio based in, erm, Berlin and Oslo. Talk about trans-European partnership here, but the climate remains the same: cold and grey. Node, in the meantime, are kind people, and they are one of the most versatile studios we know.

Point in case are the three issues they have produced for us so far, and all radically different: mono.kultur #06 about François Ozon with a our first but not last fold-out poster – of the adorable Ludivine Sagnier as battered Venus – accompanied by a subtle light change underlying the text. And because that worked so well, we followed it up immediately with mono.kultur #07 on Norwegian artist Matias Faldbakken, incorporating some pretty typography and not-quite-gold drawings on luxury and status symbols. Last for now but certainly not least, Node also concocted our infamous scented issue #23 on Sissel Tolaas, which, well, was special.

Here is to the next three issues, and congratulations on the new website.