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Yet another spanking new website by a former design contributor, this time based in Stockholm: the indefatigable Konst & Teknik, who penned our highly and appropriately conceptual issue #18, featuring Dutch architecture mavericks MVRDV (which is very, very close to being sold out, by the way… so don’t say we didn’t warn you).

Konst & Teknik, in the meantime, and after only 5 short years in existence, are at the forefront of current European graphic design – which might not be entirely unrelated to their being taught at Amsterdam’s renowned Rietveld Academy who are making their influence very noticeable these days. So think bold type, a strong conceptual base, a fine sense for material and haptics, and the courage to not always go for the easiest or prettiest option. Good stuff indeed, and they also happen to be very friendly and easy-going guys. So yes, do have a look.