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Monthly Archives: March 2012


Jan Svankmajer, who have influenced artists such as Tim Burton and Terry Gilliam, is a Czech filmmaker. This surrealist artist’s exaggerated sounds and speed-up sequences make his work all the more fascinating, creating a disturbing nature. In his films and stop-motion animations usually  food and eating has a significant role. Arcimboldo-like heads,  weird situations and [...]

Ready for Spring

We know most of us don’t own or rent a piece of land, don’t have gardens or spacious balconies and sometimes neither huge, tall windows (yes, we live in a big city), nevertheless let us tell you that you can still  get your hands dirty!
Terrariums and aeriums have never been as fashionable as they became recently. [...]


As all creative fields, photography has changed at a breathtaking pace since the arrival of digital photography. We take four times as many photographs as only ten years ago, but even more surprising: ten percent of all photographs ever taken were taken during the past 12 months. These and more astounding numbers on photography you [...]


In a society that is traditionally family-oriented, being an orphan has a stigma attached that is difficult to overcome, even in your adult life. In Iran, a country that has lost an entire generation to its war with Iraq, as well as struggling with a harsh climate and the effects of [...]


Personally, I really hate camping, I just can’t cope with the dirt and the discomfort. Hammocks, on the other hand, are a different story – so to give camping the comfort of a hammock, now that’s nothing short of a stroke of genius.

Gaga Interchange Format

R.I.P. Compuserve, GIFs are back. Not so much for “Under Construction” signs and revolving globes but for all kinds of weird stuff. While the report below feels slightly tacky, it’s still worth browsing through what’s being spilled out on tumblr.


And since we mentioned Mouse on Mars the other day, and Motto Disco some other day before, we should really mention that the former have just compiled a mix for the latter, which you can download here. Awesomeness.


2011 has been a year of the worldwide social protests. North African countries have overthrown their despots, but now they are facing equally significant challenges. Is the moment of the overthrow of the dictator a right moment to end protests? Eastern European countries, such as Belarus and Russia, have not yet witnessed the mass protests [...]


At the printers – how we love the sound of these words.