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Založená roku Jakubem Dvorským

Here’s a great computer game for you to check out.

What – a computer game?! Is that like soldiers with guns running around trying to shoot people in the face, I hear you say?

Okay – forget I said it was a computer game, but more of an interactive online experience merging beautiful artwork, mind blowing music and thought provoking puzzles…

Amanita Design is an award-winning independent Czech video game developing company that was founded in 2003 by Jakub Dvorský. The company has made 9 full games plus educational and advertising minigames and animations, all using Adobe Flash. Clients include BBC, Nike and The Polyphonic Spree. Botanicula was released in April 2012 and now they are working on Samorost 3. Start by playing legendary Samorost 1 from 2003 online for free.