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The third issue of Japanese bilingual magazine TOO MUCH focuses on migrant peoples, taking an editorial cue from the 214 million international immigrants in 2011 who, ‘traveled towards a better wage, a better life, or just another life. They saw clear and deep pools in the distance, life sustaining pools, and they  travelled vast distances to drink from them.’ The inside pages carry stories which reveal all of the ‘things’ they carried as well as a look at ‘the mirages calling them forth: about bodies migrating to the realm of the dead, about travelling to where your garments are made (not the other way around), about the migration of colors, the movement of Zambian money and sweet potatoes, traveling across networks of ideas and associations, immigrating to a land that isn’t receptive to foreigners, and about where Tokyo’s migrant workers will live in the year 2050.’

Everything flows and, indeed, we do live in a ‘reality’ with processes simple and complex- just have a stop and look around- which made me delighted to have taken a break with this latest issue edited with keen interest and care by Yoshi Tsujimura, Audrey Fondecave and Cameron Allan McKean.

Also, each copy of TOO MUCH Magazine Issue Three comes with TOO MUCH Magazine Recipe Supplement #1, an A2 size poster of recipe by Jerome Waag and Alice Waters from Chez Panisse.

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