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Dear Friends,

let us talk about good deeds today. We all know the saying of doing a good deed a day, which is actually not all that easy. Even though it is, if only we wouldn’t keep forgetting.

Anyway, let us talk about Robert Montgomery instead. Robert Montgomery is a British artist, and we fell in love with his work about a year ago or so, when we saw the image above in a magazine. Robert works with poetry – only that he publishes his poetry not in books, but in form of large light installations, or in billboards. His work is utterly beautiful, but it is also thoughtful, idealistic and somehow strangely comforting. So we wanted to find a book or a catalogue of his work, only to realise that there weren’t any. And at this point we thought, well, we should really do something about that. It was a good deed kind of thought.

Fast forward to now, since here we are, in the middle of preparing our first artist book, with Robert Montgomery indeed, and we realised, somewhat naively maybe, that we took on a good deed that turned out to be a little larger than what we can handle, financially speaking. The book is large, too – in fact it is 3 booklets, all in A2 size, folding out to A1. But large books cost large amounts of money, and yes, that’s where we come full circle, because we realised we do need some help. We don’t really like asking for help, but when we think about it in a different light, for example that we are actually offering you a chance to do your good deed for the day, we feel a little better.

All this as a very round-about way of saying that we put up this project on Kickstarter, which is a fine crowdfunding platform, and you could click right here right now and find out all about it – we even made fools out of ourselves in front of a video camera, that’s how badly we want to do this, and at least you’ll be entertained, and maybe, just maybe you might think one of our many rewards worthwhile, since you will want this book anyway which is going to be so beautiful, so it’s kind of like pre-ordering, or maybe you just feel like helping out because you can, because maybe you have some change to spare, or because you could tell all your friends about this and help spread the word, and it would make you sleep so well tonight, with a warm fuzzy feeling inside and a smile around your lips, knowing that you did a good deed today.

Thank you,


  1. Looking forward to the signed Robert Montgomery book.. So happy that his work will be published.

    Sunday, September 16, 2012 at 03:41 | Permalink
  2. Happy that Robert Montgomery is getting a book published. His work is amazing.

    Sunday, September 16, 2012 at 03:43 | Permalink

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