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2012 TO 2089

I’ve really been looking forward to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus but ended up slightly confused after watching the film a couple of months ago. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who still had some unanswered questions. Now both versions of the script turned up online, the first one which was written by Jon Spaithts, and the second one by Damon Lindelof (writer of Lost). Reading both scripts you will find everything explained (in two completely different styles), but a lot of essential information didn’t make it into the final version of the film.

What I personally found most annoying was Guy Pearce’s (as Peter Weyland) old age make-up (I also didn’t like Brad Pitt’s make-up in Benjamin Button – the skin just isn’t saggy enough). The scene with Weyland as a younger man was apparently cut out, so there was no reason to justify a 45 year old man to play a 90 year old man. There is a video though (viral only!) where Guy Pearce’s character appears as a 45 year old Peter Weyland. It seems like Ridley Scott expected his audience to do a thorough research for these unsolved mysteries and then watch the film again – something that might be normal when we’ll watch a film in the future, say 2089 when Prometheus is set.