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Berlin is an incredible city, and ever since we started organising our popular mono.klub series to accompany specific issues, we’ve made a point of moving to different locations around the city, out of curiosity as well as for an element of surprise. This Friday, for our screening of Gus van Sant’s Elephant, we will head out towards that forever up-and-coming district of Wedding, and more specifically to the beautiful Uferstudios.

Initially built as stables for horses, the site was later used as workshops for trams and underground carriages before being converted to its present use as an institution for dance and performance art, including practice and performance spaces as well as offices and studios for artists in residence. With Elephant’s quite physical aspect – the film could be viewed as somewhat of a dance of daily high school rituals – it seemed like a perfect location for our launch event, as well as being utterly beautiful, of course.

Studio 1
Uferstraße 8/23 / Tor 2
13357 Berlin

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