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We’ve gathered some of the finest magazine projects to come out of Berlin during the past ten years for a casual talk on independent publishing this Friday, which we’ll introduce in a little more detail over the next few days.

Berlin Quarterly we mentioned before, and we’re happy to mention them again – more of an annual than a quarterly, really, they have a broader world view than most independent magazines, compiling a selection of long form journalism, poetry, fine art and fiction that is as political as it is personal. While based in the heart of Europe, the Quarterly’s focus is on the edges of Europe – Belgrade, Norway and now Beirut have provided loose central points of their three issues to date. Placing themselves in the tradition of venerable general interest literary publications, in terms of content as well as graphics, it is an entirely unforced and charming update of what that slightly outdated genre could represent in the 21st century. Highly recommended, and we’re proud to welcome their publisher James Guerin this Friday at our roundtable talk.


mono.klub #48: 10 YEARS MONO.KULTUR
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