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Berliners who have any interest whatsoever in what’s going in our favourite city will be no strangers to Cee Cee – the weekly newsletter offering a handpicked selection of things to do and see, from bars and restaurants to events and hidden gems and curiosities. Initially started by journalist Nina Trippel and graphic designer Sven Hausherr as a little favour to their friends and acquaintances, Cee Cee’s formula proved instantly addictive and effective: within only a few years, it has grown into the most widely read newsletter on Berlin. Not surprisingly, they compiled the best of their findings into the ultimate guide / coffeetable book on Berlin last year, merging print and digital with grace. But most importantly: despite their large following, Cee Cee have maintained their personal tone and charme, and we’re so utterly pleased that they will join us this Friday for our roundtable talk on independent publishing.


mono.klub #48: 10 YEARS MONO.KULTUR
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