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Flaneur magazine came out of nowhere (Berlin, that is) and turned out to be one of the great editorial surprises in recent years, and very successfully so. Their concept is downright minimalistic: every issue explores not just a city, but a specific street within a city – from Kantstrasse in Berlin for their debut issue in 2013, to Fokionos Negri in Athens for their about to be released fifth offering, passing through Leipzig, Montréal and Rome inbetween. A street is not just a street, of course, but a container for life and lives – and so, paradoxically, Flaneur really is about everything and anything: history, work, housing, time, love… If anything, Flaneur feels, exactly as their name promises, like a slow and meandering walk through daily life, with your attention resting here and there and nowhere in particular, pasting together fleeting moments that somehow make up for a meaningful, chaotic whole.


mono.klub #48: 10 YEARS MONO.KULTUR
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