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It’s kind of typical of Miranda July to announce that she is currently working on her first novel, but what she’ll come around with is a messaging app instead. This lady is all over the place, one might think, and is there anything she hasn’t done yet? But of course there is this unmistakable charm [...]


Tonight opens the 2014 installment of Berlin Atonal – a legendary festival of 1980s West Berlin pioneering electronic music that went on hiatus after the fall of the wall, only to return again in 2013 in founder Dimitri Hegemann’s new space, the impressive former power plant Kraftwerk Berlin. Launching with Ensemble Modern interpreting Steven Reich, [...]


It must be funny, as in a little weird, as a collector to be owning a web site, but maybe that is just old-fashioned me. It’s working well for artist Rafaël Rozendaal, however, who has recently completed his 100th web site, which, in his case, is akin to finishing your 100th oil painting. The good [...]

Smart New World Exhibition

Digital Düsseldorf. There may not be too many things to love Düsseldorf for. However, we like to not think “Köproll“, but Becherklasse. And then of course, there’s Elodie Evers who set up something rather smart at Kunsthalle starting this friday:
The Smart New World exhibition focuses on digitalization—the dissolution and transformation of analogue information into digital [...]


What drives the science team of the Pioti project to document each millimeter of the around 300.000 stone engravings of Valcamonica in the Italian Alps? Using highly potential 3D laser scanners they suceed in simulating a landscape of the ownknown and yet unsolved secrets behind those rock drawings, which were carved in sandstone around 12.000 [...]


The perfect night out in London! Harmonic Series presents a special PAN showcase at the Southbank Centre. It’s a celebration of PAN’s new audiovisual direction, and five years creating adventurous electronic music. The line-up includes: A new collaborative piece by Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey and legendary sound artist Florian Hecker, the club deconstructions of [...]

Tha Lodown

Having just released issue #89 (featuring greats like The Acid, Eddie Otchere, Allen Ying and tons more), Berlin’s Lodown Magazine also launched its new website last week: Call it a day, listen to some free Fly Lo, check the Pulse and read some fresh in-depth interviews with Darkside and others online!


The ubiquity of digital art, variously manifested as prismatic gifs, Google Map collages, interactive apps/music videos, and photomanipulations, has proven itself beyond fact beyond fad as an expressive medium for both ends–grassroots and elite–of the creative world.  It’s not surprising then that a contemporary survey, long in coming, has finally emerged.  Impishly named, The Wrong, organized by [...]