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The ubiquity of digital art, variously manifested as prismatic gifs, Google Map collages, interactive apps/music videos, and photomanipulations, has proven itself beyond fact beyond fad as an expressive medium for both ends–grassroots and elite–of the creative world.  It’s not surprising then that a contemporary survey, long in coming, has finally emerged.  Impishly named, The Wrong, organized by [...]


It all began with a journey to Brasil in 1968, when the photographer Leonore Mau and the author Hubert Fichte started working and travelling together. Mau, who was not only Fichte’s companion, but also his muse, documented African-American rituals and cults. Her ethnologic approach paired with a unique eye for motives, made her to one [...]


The venerable publishing house of National Geographic is celebrating its 125th anniversary, and have graciously installed a new site to share the best of their infinitely vast archives of photographs documenting our weird and wonderful planet over the last 125 years. Need we say more? Beats any funky design blogs or fashion blurb by light [...]


Though I’m sure many have heard of  (and read from) it, this post goes to Merve Verlag,  mono.kultur’s neighbor during the MISS READ Berlin Art Book Fair.  The quintessential philosopher’s publication since 1970, it has introduced to the intellectually voracious such venerable minds as Louis Althusser and Gilles Deleuze.  In contrast to the stagnancy that usually pervades academia, [...]


It’s one of the interesting details about Brian Eno that even though he works mostly in the shadows, most people will be much more familiar with his work than they realise – having an album by U2 or Coldplay on their iPod, or almost by default if they used a PC in the 90s, since [...]

Bangalore Goes Boom

Almost three dozen DIY ramp builders, pro skateboarders, journalists, and cinematographers from all over the world traveled to Bangalore, India earlier this spring to support the local skate advocacy collective HolyStoked in making true what they’d been dreaming of for the longest time: to build the first free public skatepark for the Republic’s growing skateboard [...]


‘The phenomenon underscores for me the way that artworks of any time speak to us of our own conditions. The walls separating the big old art museum in Vienna from the street and the lives outside are thick. We had hopes to make them porous.’ – Jem Cohen director of  Museum Hours


For one of his recent art projects The Invisible Clerk (2013), Ciprian Muresan copied sculptures selected from the collection of the National Museum of Art in Cluj, which unites Socialist Realist ideas with (if ever so modest) forms of resistance with classical approaches to art & collecting before World War II. When Muresan’s work was [...]


Opening tonight is the final intervention of our friends at Neue Berliner Räume into the cityscape of Berlin, who continue their collaboration with British artist Jodie Carey in a second installation titled Shroud, this time at the venerable Anatomical Theatre, which remains the oldest surviving university building in Berlin of somewhat mythical status. Fittingly, Jodie [...]


Browse through any ‘Best Magazine Cover’ lists of the past five years, chances are you will find our favourite film magazine Little White Lies somewhere near the top. With its curious illustrative approach, it struck out from any magazine shelf and ‘inspired’ a whole range of offbeat printed matter. So it was somewhat sad news [...]