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Dear Friends,
today is kind of a special day for us: yes, it’s autumn, and yes, this is not right, but we’re not so bothered today, because today we can finally announce our latest adventure in the digital world, our brand new and awfully pretty online store
See, about two – or was it three? – [...]


Looking very much forward to meeting Glasgow based artist David Shrigley next Wednesday at the presentation of Wall Mounted Ear at KW in Berlin, a new edition released by Little & Large Editions.
Our mono.kultur issue featuring him and his truly enchanting drawings is one of my absolute favorites!
Wall Mounted Ear is made of polished bronze. [...]


We can think of no better place to read mono.kultur issue #24 with Cyprien Gaillard’s interview than on top of the “beeramid”, Cyprien’s large-scale sculpture at KW in Berlin, built out of 72,000 bottles of Efes beer. Approximate duration to read Cyprien’s interview: 3 Efes beer!
The ‘reading room’ is open until March 22, 2011:
KW [...]


Dear Friends,
Christmas can be a tricky time: so many things to finish up before the end of the year, so many presents to take care of. But don’t you worry, we’re here to help. This Saturday, we will stage our very first Christmas sale together with Motto, and because it’s cold, we will even come [...]


All right all right, call us spineless or opportunist or softhearted if you must: we do remember that we said we wouldn’t reprint those Miranda July posters, when, in fact, that’s exactly what we just did. At first, we were just going to redo those 30 sets or so from the initial 100 that had [...]


Just in case you came to us here at because you saw these nifty three posters by Miranda July mentioned in this week’s venerable ZeitMagazin, and would like to find out more, then, well, you’re kind of in the right place but not really. So why don’t you just click here and let us [...]