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Monthly Archives: June 2010


‘A temporary website – a relaunch is about to happen’, was the punchline on our friends‘ at 032c magazine’s website for, oh, about the last four years. But just in time for midsummer solstice, you can finally find a spanking brand new redesign of their cyberspace presence, featuring an extensive online archive of previously published [...]


Today would have been Konrad Zuse’s 100th birthday who built the world’s first freely programmable computer Z1 in 1936 and the first  turing-complete computer Z3 in 1941. He didn’t declare it magic, nor did it fit in a pocket. But it served (not only) Zuse very well who claimed he only invented the computer because [...]


… it is that time of year again. The Lido gig is going to be one of the wildest things happening this summer.


Art and sports usually make for uneasy bedfellows, but as we know, there are always exceptions to the rule: in the case of football, it’s worth having a closer look at photographer Hans van der Meer’s beautiful studies of the European obsession with football. Somewhere between landscape photography and documentary reportage, van der Meer has [...]


And if you’d prefer to get creatively involved in the political protest against BP’s sloppy handling of their oil drilling, the ubiquitous Greenpeace have launched an open competition in redesigning BP’s annoyingly green logo. Abuse at your leisure.


A month ago, the offshore platform Deepwater Horizon exploded leading to one of the most horrible environmental disasters ever, with no end in sight. Years ago, a guy named Werner Kroh invented a powder called GEES-61 which sounds quite useful for these days: The idea is for the powder to merge [...]


Apparently after the big success of Samizdat workshop, which took place in Lisbon few months ago, Marco Balesteros and Sofia Gonçalves continued their partnership in setting up and running workshops and educational programs centered around the themes of publishing, content distribution and editorial activity. This time in Germany, they’re developing along with Michael Satter a [...]


And speaking of Hans-Peter Feldmann, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf will be opening a large retrospective in the artist’s home town this Friday, appropriately titled Art Exhibition. Co-curated by one of our editors, the exhibition will display a broad range of work from the last four decades as well as new pieces specifically created for the occasion. Since [...]


Hans Ulrich Obrist’s questioning impulse borders on the obsessive; he has staged marathon interview sessions, and he has published innumerable volumes devoted to his talks with artists. While this might lead to replicated questions and rote answers, Obrist’s close relationship with certain artists has born incredibly satisfying fruit. Published as volume 6 in his ‘Conversation [...]


My memories of traveling around South Africa are mostly of sitting in the ubiquitous kombi taxis: vans that stop for every potential customer until they are packed far beyond any legal limit. Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler’s forthcoming book ‘Bicycle Portraits‘ focuses on South Africans who eschew cramped quarters and blaring sound systems in favor [...]