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If you haven’t seen it yet, then it’s high time to catch up: Inside Job is a brilliant documentary summing up the economic crisis of recent years. Narrated by Matt Damon and perfectly crafted, it breaks down the global financial meltdown into its singular components: how we got there, what happened, why it happened, the effects on a global scale and, most importantly, what we have learned from it – which appears to be shockingly little.

In times when the global meltdown seems to have been all but forgotten and overshadowed in the media by more recent news, Inside Job combines and explains all the major events that unraveled over the past two years, puts them into perspective and relation to each other and makes a complex situation graspable. Some things you wish you never knew – all in all, it’s a pretty devastating and enraging experience to get a glimpse of the larger picture. Deservedly winning the Oscar for Best Documentary, it’s incredibly well put together, and it’s more captivating and spine-chilling than any thriller – the problem being that it is fact, not fiction.

If there is one movie you should see this year, then it’s Inside Job. That’s how important it is.