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We have a thing for vintage glasses, so Berlin-based Lunettes is a house to our liking: originally a small store by Uta Geyer for first- and second-hand vintage glasses from the last 80 years or so, Lunettes have recently started developing their own collection of utterly stylish eyewear, mixing the original with the reinvented.

Things seem to be going well: by now, there are two stores in Berlin offering vintage glasses as well as their their own models, with a good dozen of stockists worldwide for their own range and a nifty online store. Oh, did we mention that Lunettes look incredibly good, are fair in price and adhere strictly to the elegant lines of the past? Because sometimes ‘new’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘better’.

Marienburger Strasse 11
10405 Berlin

Lunettes Selection
Torstrasse 172
10115 Berlin