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Monthly Archives: August 2012


Whenever the conversation turns to Jerry Seinfeld, I usually go quiet. See, I really don’t understand Seinfeld, I simply don’t find him funny – a revelation which most people in turn fail to comprehend and tend to find most baffling. Hours of discussions ensue, whereas I don’t even want to talk about the guy, and [...]


Darkside is a collaborative project between our studio fave Nicolas Jaar and NY-based musician Dave Harrington, who just released their first EP together, aptly called, erm, Darkside EP, and rather excellent it is at that.


MoMA in New York is currently exhibiting examples of progressive design for children from the 20th century. Everything from toys, books and furniture illustrates how design has been and continues to be a stimulus of children’s growth. The toys and text books speak of their time and opens up for reflections of how we design [...]

The Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale

Tokamachi City in Japan’s Northeastern Niigata Prefecture is currently hosting its fifth installment of The Echigo-Tsumari Triennale. The large-scale art festival, directed by Fram Kitagawa, is spread throughout a nature-rich rural area which is unfortunately over-characterized as dealing with depopulation and the resulting effects.  One of the concerns posted on the festival’s website reads, ‘more [...]


It’s a rare and special thing these days for an illustrator to engage with political subjects, and looking at the amazing George Butler’s drawings from a recent trip to Syria, it makes you wonder why most illustrators even bother with drawing cars and cats when you could actually be doing something, well, amazing. It’s also [...]


The legendary Joel Sternfeld’s works are depicting the ‘American life’ since 1970s, capturing cafés, bars, ordinary moments of  life; drinking water, a mum carrying her children in a basket or a woman passing by in the street…
To learn more about Sternfeld, here is a video related to his exhibition in Amsterdam’s foam:


As a little epilogue to our mono.position #04 exhibition, the Japanes online journal Da Capo dedicated a small gallery to a cross section of the work shown in Tokyo earlier this year. Please feel free to visit them here.
Photography by Kai von Rabenau

The .art domain community

Since the ICANN announced the call for applications for top-level domains, art digest and journal e-flux has applied for the rights to administer .art. Aware of the responsibility of managing a top-level domain, e-flux “envisions this new space as a reliable, ethical, selective, and educational resource for art professionals, educators, institutions, and especially the public [...]


You might have noticed that we are quite smitten with the works of our current cover star, Martino Gamper – it is the kind of work that you might not quite get yourself to like the first time around, but then you find it slowly growing on you, and as we all know, these are [...]


Laurent Grasso’s mysterious, beautiful videos might be called aesthetic documentaries. Taking as their subject places and things that hold some deep well of sociological or historical meaning, his works grab onto overlooked or hidden slices of experience and open them up to a wider audience. The intricate patterns drawn by flocks of birds over the [...]