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Dear Friends,

Friday is a good day, especially when you can announce the release of your first artist book ever, which is finally and truly: OUT! NOW! It was exactly 236 days ago that we wrote an email to British artist Robert Montgomery saying how much we appreciated his work and would he be interested in publishing a book together since we couldn’t find any to speak of and wasn’t it about time that someone did something about that? As it turned out, Robert was not only interested in a nice way, but also planning his largest ever project in Berlin for the summer, and slowly things fell into place one by one, so that this Friday, after many coffees and emails, a mind-bending Kickstarter campaign, headaches and long nights, openings and endings, we can lean back and say: it’s done.

And what a book it turned out to be: a momentous A2 size, divided into 3 different parts, with plenty of words and thoughts and images to keep coming back to again and again. Ladies and gentlemen, please find below some more information and images on the first comprehensive publication of Robert Montgomery’s work, in our new imprint mono.log – available as always through our online store, and soon enough in the local art book store of your choice.

With kind regards,


mono.log #01

Publication in 3 Parts / 2012 / 50 x 34 cm / 108 Pages

For lack of a better word, there is a profoundly magical moment in the works of Robert Montgomery: In the middle of the street, we might come across his words and realise that someone is speaking with us – through an anonymous poem between advertising billboards or as an unidentified page in a magazine, or a light installation illuminating the night.

But while introducing poetry as sparkles of beauty into the public realm, presenting words as living part of our environment, Robert’s words and works have a tendency to linger in our memory for a long time as they slowly unfold. His poems are an archive of moments that poignantly capture the way it feels to live at this moment in time. They articulate, reprehend and simultaneously celebrate our shared experience of modern life.

Echoes of Voices in the High Towers is the first comprehensive publication of Robert Montgomery’s work. Referencing the scale of his public interventions, all images are presented in full colour in a momentous A2 format, folding out to A1.

The publication is divided into three separate booklets:

Every Morning Now
A selection of Robert Montgomery’s work between 2004 and 2012.
36 Pages / 18 Plates / A2
Echoes of Voices in the High Towers
A complete documentation of the eponymous project in Berlin, Summer 2012.
44 Pages / 61 Plates / A2
Alive in the Sunlight
Two conversations, in 2008 and 2012, with Robert Montgomery.
28 Pages / A5

The booklets are delivered in a white cardboard envelope, with an additional postcard included.

Artworks by Robert Montgomery / Interviews by Jérôme Sans & Manuel Wischnewski / Art Direction by / Design by Kai von Rabenau & Matthew J. Milner Jr. / Published by mono.kultur
ISBN 978-3-9815549-0-8

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