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The upcoming exhibition NUMBER ELEVEN: CYPRIEN GAILLARD at JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION in Düsseldorf is dedicated to French artist Cyprien Gaillard (born 1980 in Paris, lives and works in Berlin), and will open this Friday, September 25, at 7 pm.

About the exhibition (from the website):
“In his artistic practice, Cyprien Gaillard examines buildings and living environments like a chronicler of our times. His works destabilize traditional notions that characterize the monuments in question. Following the example of Land Art and the Situationist International, Cyprien Gaillard leaves his studio in order to visit the so-called “ruins of Modernism”.
His video and film works orbit the myths surrounding these places and point to the complexity of a natural process of decay. His works demonstrate how society appropriates and interacts with architectural legacies or landscapes. They reveal the discrepancies between utopian architectural complexes and lived realities, as well as the social excesses that have often caused these utopian ideals to fail.

The comprehensive presentation at JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION focuses on the artist’s media-based work, which will be presented on this scale for the first time. The spectrum of works ranges from the artist’s early pieces from the 2000s to his current monumental 3D film Nightlife, released in 2015, which will be presented in collaboration with Kunststiftung Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen at the Grabbehalle at K20 from 29 January until 20 March 2016.

There is no better way to prepare for this exhibition then reading our interview with Cyprien Gaillard (“Dust Lines”, mono.kultur #24, 2010), which is still available in our online shop. Cyprien Gaillard about the issue: “This will age well, which is not easy these days. Thanks so much.”

Opening: 25.9.2015, 7 pm
Dates: 26.9.2015–14.2.2016
Opening hours: every Saturday and Sunday, 11 am–6 pm
Schanzenstrasse 54, 40549 Düsseldorf

Credits: Cyprien Gaillard, Nightlife, 2015, digital 3D Motion picture, 14:28 min., color, sound, courtesy of the artist and Sprueth Magers Berlin/London