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… winter’s going to be upon us soon enough, is all I’m saying. (image source).


Want to enjoy some camping-idyll in the middle of Berlin, also during the cold winter? Then the Hüttenpalast might be the perfect hotel for you – offering all the charms of outdoor camping – but inside!
Read the article by Tim Tolsdorff on Spiegel online (German / English) to learn more about these comfort sites under [...]


I always imagined promotion and press tours for your new film/record/book to be dull and draining exercises, but the way Miranda July chronicles her efforts to promote her second film on her very lively blog these days gives you the impression that in fact it’s something fun and magical. Or maybe life really does depend [...]


Feel like a free stay in Melbourne? The Lost & Found Hotel is free and open to guests from 1 May to 31 July. Any Lost & Found subscriber can apply to stay at the hotel room free of charge (the only catch is that if your application is successful you’ll need to get to the [...]


We’ve mentioned David Lynch’s brilliant Interview Project before, but it’s time to revisit, since Lnych’s son Austin and director Jason S. are currently on the road in nowhere else but Germany. Every Monday sees a new episode of random encounters with German strangers, giving some entertaining and at times perplexing insights into the German psyche. [...]

Views from the Road

Magnum Photos has an interesting project in the works. Starting May 12th, they are sending five photographers (this time, Susan Meiselas, Jim Goldberg, Christopher Anderson, and our favorites, Alec Soth and Mikhael Subotzky) on the first of a series of  road trips around America. Although the project site doesn’t yet have much information, Postcards From [...]


Swallow is my new favourite food magazine. It is bi-annual and in hardcover and pretty.
The second release is the Trans-Siberian issue, moving from Moscow through Irkutsk, Ulaanbaatar and Beijing. The focus upon Russia might seem a little odd for a food magazine, but Swallow presents a food-themed study of culture that is all the more [...]

Breathe normally

‘Let’s dance!’, a flight attendant would murmur reassuringly to his co-worker before entering the aisle to perform the ritual safety show. But aviation and innovation seem to go hand in hand: As media usage on flights (board magazines, onboard radio and entertainment systems plus personal mobile devices) skyrockets, air carriers and Lady Gaga are now [...]

Le ciel est bleu et tres vide…

…above Paris and the whole country is under general strike.
History doesn’t repeat itself, though if the students will join la manifestation
today, memories of 1968 might be awakened.

Don’t forget your towel