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Not that we don’t have any interesting stores outside of Berlin, but for obvious reasons (2! 5! 25! 30!) here’s a happy birthday post for our friends at Do You Read Me?! who are celebrating their second anniversary with us today. One wasn’t quite sure when they opened two years ago whether an entire store dedicated to magazines in the middle of Berlin’s most popular district was either very clever or simply insane – but God knows, it was necessary. Because with print having been declared dead and dying for what feels like decades, Do You Read Me?! must be living proof that we’re still waiting for that thesis to come true. With more than 700 titles now firmly established as the place to go for any magazine that is worth the paper it is printed on, it’s become my personal store of the week, more like. Or, for anyone complaining about Berlin being too provincial: it is the kind of store that London, Paris or New York are still waiting for.

Do You Read Me?!
Auguststrasse 28
10117 Berlin