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Blast The Year 2013

10 for 2013 – via.


It’s spring in the southern hemisphere and today I went on the inaugural ‘Paddock to Plate Tour‘ in conjunction with the 2013 Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers. If you find yourself in the garden city of Toowoomba next spring I can highly recommend this tour (and you will even come across pineapples)!


Pringle of Scotland – Animation by David Shrigley from NeutralZurich on Vimeo.
Everyone loves David Shrigley drawings.  At least a lot of people do.  I really like this one (which by complete coincidence can be bought in various forms through mono.konsum).  If you like David Shrigely drawings, you’ll really really like David Shrigley animations; even [...]


We’ve been doing the occasional jobs and commissions in art direction and design and writing and and and over the years, and slowly, slowly one might be tempted to call it a studio in its own right. One of the more exciting projects has been to develop an advertising strategy for the New York fashion [...]

Under the influence of Boardwalk

Stranger things have happened, but I wonder why we didn’t mention yet how much we love Boardwalk…

Bangalore Goes Boom

Almost three dozen DIY ramp builders, pro skateboarders, journalists, and cinematographers from all over the world traveled to Bangalore, India earlier this spring to support the local skate advocacy collective HolyStoked in making true what they’d been dreaming of for the longest time: to build the first free public skatepark for the Republic’s growing skateboard [...]

Young Fathers’ Newest Baby

Guess you didn’t hear about it because you were busy eating at Kreuzberg’s Salumeria Lamuri or digging Burnquist or blasting some Krule, but Anticon’s Young Fathers have dropped two mind-blowing “tapes”, as they like to call them, over the last few months – perhaps the best rap/non-rap music from Scotland ever?! -, and just [...]

Movin’ On

Life is good and full of options once again: Next week you can spend all that money you saved this weekend (because you didn’t dare leave the house thanks to that heatwave) on lots of fine Forward Motion lots (all for a good cause, of course), and even though taking off your clothes (or playing [...]


I must begin by admitting total ignorance of a festival that last took place when I was two years old. That being said, the impressive six day programme for the first Berlin Atonal since 1990 is rapidly challenging the allure of the nearest lake/swimming pool/cool shower in this gorgeous summer heat.
Boasting a challenging array of [...]


The idea of the good old cinemathèque feels very last century, and yet, maybe they are the last fortress of cinema to resist the dominance of super hero boredom on screen. Even more importantly for a city like Hong Kong, where one can count the number of outlets for independent culture on one hand. So [...]